Amazing benefits


Create an engaging crowdfunding campaign. Share its web link through social media and raise more money for your goal.


Allow people donate money to your campaign using credit card and cash voucher.


Receive notifications when someone donates to your campaigns. Keep updated by email notification, without need to login to follow up.


Access all information about your campaign in an easy to use dashboard.

Raise money using Rifa Tech is simple


Provide information about your campaign. Say in a few words what is your goal, the value of each ticket, the gift and when will be the raffle.


It is easy to spread the word of mouth of your campaign. Share it with your contacts and on social media. Ask your friends to share it too.


Bring legitimacy to your campaign using an electronic raffle. Broadcast it through social media.


Receive the money raised directly in your bank account after the winner gets the gift.

The best and most trustful website of online rifas: operating since April 2018, more than 4,000 campaigns successfully raised money, the best reputation on Reclame Aqui (see here), the best customer service, and the best technology!

How to raise money using “Rifas”?

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Rifa Tech helps you save at least R$ 280,00. See how:

*estimation based on the sale of 100 tickets in one month. Hour cost based on the minimum wage of R$ 954,00. It includes the cost of domain acquisition (R$ 40,00) and a hosting cost of R$35,00/month.

Webpage development
6 hours | R$ 32,52
Send the tickets to donors
8 hours | R$ 43,36
Online payment configuration
2 hours | R$ 10,84
1 hour | R$ 5,42
Synchronize payments and tickets numbers
18 hours | R$ 97,56
Publish the result
3 hours | R$ 16,26

Additionally you have:

Transport savings100%

Time saved in sales88%

More sales63%


How will I know who bought my tickets?
You will have access to a dashboard with all information about your campaign, sales and donors. Besides, you will receive email notifications for each donation received.

The creation of the campaign is free. However, you will be charged in R$ 1.50 for each ticket issued.

In the date defined to finish the campaign, the system will make an aleatory selection among the numbers of tickets sold. Besides that, the webpage will be update if the information of the winner.
The money raised will be transferred after the winner of the raffle confirms that he/she received the gift. Also, it waits three business day after the date of the raffle to balance's stabilization.
Rifa Tech warranty is a protection offered to the donor. If any fraud is identified, the value donated is reimbursed to the donors.